Attention:   Career Women in committed relationships who have children

Are you frustrated because:

  • Your time together is always spent talking about the kids instead of each other?
  • It feels as though your partner often doesn’t understand you?
  • You wish your partner would share more of the domestic responsibilities?

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“10 Tips to Connecting with Your Partner from the Heart, Creating a Deep, Soul-Satisfying Bond”

Imagine ~

  • Feeling a deep emotional intimacy with your partner, knowing he really “gets” you. 

  • Re-kindling that romantic fire, so you can’t wait to spend time together as a couple 

  • The feeling of relief that comes after a long day at work, knowing everything is taken care of at home 

  • Being on the same page regarding hot topics such as parenting and finances – less arguing.  

  • Understanding your partner on a deeper level, so conflicts are easily resolved

“I work with career women in committed relationships who have children. I help them resolve their unique challenges so they connect with their partner from the heart, achieving and maintaining a deep, soul-satisfying bond.”

My stress level decreased, there was less arguing and the kids even started to get along better.

When I first started working with Laura, there was a lot of stress and negative energy in my life. We argued a lot as a family, it was a challenge to get the kids to behave, and my husband just is not a big communicator.
After having worked with Laura, my stress level decreased, there was less arguing and the kids even started to get along better. We began to enjoy our time as a family. One of the things I found most helpful was learning how to talk about things without it turning into an argument and without yelling, especially when I was frustrated.
This really helped to decrease the negativity at home. I was able to go back to school with my husband’s emotional support and know that he is there at home taking care of everything when I am gone. I liked being able to communicate with my husband about what I had learned during my meetings with Laura. It feels so nice to be able to talk about things together.
Laura was so easy to talk to and has a way of just opening up people. It was easy to trust her because she is so personable. I really enjoyed my experience and learned so much with Laura!  Thank you.
Michelle H.

There is less tension between us now and the household is noticeably calmer.

I’ll admit that when I first started working with Laura, my husband and I had really poor communication skills. Things would get so tense at times and it was like we kept a score card. I found myself holding back until I couldn’t take it anymore and then, when I finally did try to address something with my husband, I was confrontational.
On top of all that, with my husband’s long hours, we had trouble finding a balance between family and work. We were no longer a team.
Through working with Laura, I feel more free to express myself and have healthier communication skills so that I can communicate my needs more effectively. I can speak up in a more respectful manner to get my needs met and I am more aware of how my attitude affects the relationship.
The communication skills I learned and the deeper understanding of myself have helped us to become better partners and rebuild a mutual respect for each other. There is less tension between us now and the household is noticeably calmer. I feel my husband has a better understand of my needs and I feel more empowered to speak my mind.
Laura has a friendly, welcoming demeanor and the ability to make you feel very comfortable in what could be an uncomfortable situation. She is caring and kind with a sense of humor that helps ease the tension. She gave me solid, easy to follow tips on how to improve my relationship. Laura is a true professional.
Susanna D.